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About KK Dia

From the Top, leading the Top

KK Dia is one among the tops in the industry. Our company spirit is continuous perfection and innovation. We persist with this spirit to develop and design diamond tools, grinding and polishing wheels for our customers.

KK Dia’s product range includes: Diamond and CBN grinding wheel, diamond dresser and diamond turning tool, diamond brush, ceramic fiber brush, diamond grinding rod and file, ultra-sonic and pneumatic grinding machine and other grinding tools. Our products can be applied by those industries requiring precise machining include metal machining, electronic technology, aerospace industry, infrastructures, biotechnology and stone processing.

Based on our sensitivity in this industry, KK Dia aligns its strategies towards the technique of automatic precision machining, cutting, grinding and enhance precision of production. We have been strengthening our developing capability to better product design, extend the service life of products and enhance the quality of machining for our customers. By customized service, we ensure our customers obtain the best experience and optimized solutions.

In decades, KK Dia insists its principles on quality in priority, on-time delivery, reasonable price and optimal technique service. KK Dia either allies or cooperates with relevant industries to master latest information and embrace successful future together. We are pleased to access more cooperation from foreign and domestic distributors. Feel free to contact KK Dia for all inquiries.

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